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Dr. Awad

Dr. Awad is an expert in Ultrasonics and Megasonics Cleaning Processes, Cleaning Process Validations and Surface Cleaning/Treatment Chemicals Formulation.

    * Assisted many users in resolving complex cleaning process and              production issues.

    * Established the Innovative New Line NovChem Aqueous Chemicals.

    * Guided clients in the planning phase of buying new cleaning equipment.

    * Developed many efficient cleaning processes.

    * Offer consultation on enviro-issues like cleaning solvents, waste disposal       and water conservation.

    * NovChem Advanced line of aqueous chemical products for ultrasonic applications that are designed to achieve specific process or customer requirements. The line includes aqueous cleaning products, proven corrosion inhibitors and other specialty ultrasonic chemical products.

    For more information www.novchem.com



Sami Awad, Ph.D.

Phone  :     713-575-8782   /   610-930-5070

Mobil     :    610-348-589  

Fax         :   814-297-7453

Email your Question to: sawad@ultrasonicapps.com

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