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Dr.Awad was and is involved hands-on in the following applications. Helps engineers in designing their cleaning  processes and supply

essential Cleaning Chemicals & corrosion inhibitors. Advise engineers and managers on equipment design strategies and the best ultrasonic

frequencies for their applications.



Cleaned to Specs and Protected


Air Bag Sensors, Piston Rings, Fuel Injector Nozzles, Oil Filters, Valves, Valve Seats, Auto Relays, Brake components, Ferrite Nuts, Springs, Signal Components, Rotor Shafts, Lamps, Electric Mirrors, Heat Exchangers, Steering Wheels Spokes,  ABS Brakes, Auto Circuit Boards, Auto Spray Guns, small Gears and Shafts, .......


Fiber Optics, Refractive Gratings, Quartz Filters, BK-7 Optics, Glass Panels, Laser components, CR-39 and Polycarbonate Lenses, .......

Medical and Dental Devices

Orthopedic Implants, Dental Implants, Catheters, Injection Needles, Surgical Blades and Staples, Forceps, Knives, Oxygen Service Components, Medical Wires, Probes, arthroscopic blades, Silicon Tubing, Hearing Aides, Pace Maker Housings,  ....


Multi-Metal Cathodes and Anodes

Computers - Disk Drive

Disk Drive Components, HGA,s & HSAs, Circuit Boards, Wafers, Al and Glass Disks, CRT Face Plate, Ribbon Connectors, Printers ink-jet heads,  ..........


Hybrids, Capacitors, Molds, Bimetallic Switches, RF Connectors, Cables, Si Wafers, PCBs, Phot-resist Removal,Silk Screens

Machining Tools

Carbide Inserts, Drill Bits, Gear Cutting Hobs


Filters, PZTs, Special Molds, Ceramic PCBs


Turbine Blades, Backup Power Generators,


Sonochemical Syntheses, Tablet Punches and Dies, Tools

Semiconductor Industry

Raw Silicon Wafers, Exotic and Precious Metal Sputtering Targets,



Other Applications

US Coins, Medal Stampers, Wax Ring Molds, Printing Rollers, Pen Metal Tips, Collectable Knives, Water Jet Nozzles, Oxygen Gas Valves, Pressure Control Valves, Metal Stampings, Various Tools, Stainless Steel Drill Bit Impeller, Pistol Barrels, Diver and Gas Masks, Powdered Steel Components, Heat Exchangers, Silk Screen Frames, Brass Sink Spouts,   

Fiber Optics
Computer CPU
disk drive  glass subsstrate S2
Medical Implants
Target 1
Fuel Injector
Automotive Automotive
Automotive 3

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