We provide Technical Consultation, Process Validation and Ultrasonic chemicals for Ultrasonic and Megasonic users for applications in the areas of:

    Precision and General Cleaning  Aqueous and Solvent Applications (see applications)

    Nano-Particle Removal

    Surface Treatment  Post cleaning Corrosion Protection or Passivation

    Sonochemistry Organic Synthesis such as Pharmaceutical drug intermediates



    Plan and design the aspects of an ultrasonic project including the best frequencies.

    Arrange process proof test with potential vendors.

    Identify the best economically feasible equipment for the application

    Followup on initial startups



    Review the current process.

    Run root - cause analysis to identify the issues.

    Rrecommend a short plan and verify it by testing for mechanical and/ or chemical adjustments

    Recommend long-term plan to achieve consistent quality production


    NovChem Chemistry: The best proven ultrasonic cleaning and corrosion inhibitor products for your application. Please note Regardless of how good the ultrasonic equipment is, No successful  process will last or survive without using the proper cleaning compatible chemistry


TERMS of Service: 

    Terms will be enacted by a mutually negotiated agreement.

     Confidentiality is guaranteed by mutually signed NDA



    Phone    :  713-575-8782 /  610-930-507      Mobil      :  610-348-5895           

     Fax        :   814-297-7453            email    :   sawad@ultrasonicapps.com

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